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International Roma Day

Sunday, April 8th, 2012

8 April is the International Roma Day, a celebration of the Romani culture with the goal to educate people about the Roma people and the problems they are facing. The Roma people are commonly discriminated when it comes to housing, healthcare, education, law enforcement and employment, as well as being target of attacks.

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International Roma Day

Easter in Cyprus

Friday, April 6th, 2012

Easter in Cyprus is an important event and is celebrated both on the Catholic Easter and the Greek Orthodox Easter, with the last mentioned being the main Easter holiday in Cyprus.

One Easter tradition in Cyprus is the cracking of eggs, where the participants of the game are holding one painted egg each in their hand while hitting it together with the other person’s egg seeing whose egg will crack. The one with the egg that does not crack will win the other persons cracked egg. Other traditions are cleaning the house, buying new clothes and eating traditional Easter food, for example roasted lamb together with wine.

This year of 2012 the Easter in Cyprus occurs on the following dates:

8 April: Catholic Easter
15 April:  Greek Orthodox Easter

St Nicholas day

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

Here in Bulgaria the 6’th of December is Saint Nicholas Day (locally known as Nikulden) and also the name day of Nikola, Nikolay, Kolyo, Nikolina, Neno, Nenka, Nikolina and Nina. In Bulgaria name days are commonly celebrated even more then birthdays, but even people without name day celebrate Saint Nicholas on this day, who is a protector of sailors and fishermen. On Nikulden the last fish for the season is caught, and to celebrate the day the dinner should include carp.

St Nicholas day is celebrated in many countries within Europe, North America and Eastern Mediterranean. How the day is celebrated differs from country to country, but it is common with legends that Saint Nikolas was a bringer of gifts and therefore a festival for children is held with presents of candy. Both the American Santa Claus and the Anglo-Canadian & British Father Christmas comes from these legends.

A walk in the park part II – Open Air Berlin

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

During the summer in Berlin it’s very common with Sunday parties and yesterday I went to a friends Open Air party which they organize for the second year in a row. The party takes place in a park near the area Wedding and just next to the river, which makes it a beautiful surrounding with both the feeling of the nature and at the same time people passing by just taking a walk in the park.

Usually these events start in the early afternoon and continues to a short time after the sunlight have disappeared. It’s very uncommon that the police in Berlin shuts down these illegal Open Air parties and if they arrive to the place they usually just ask polite to turn down the volume a bit, or sets an end time when the music should be stopped.

For me these Sunday parties are way better then going to a club and the atmosphere reminds more of a festival then a pub or a club. Sundays are perfect for a chill out party and to get beautiful nature, great music & friends at the same time – it can’t be better!

For you who know your minimal techno, here are the lineup for yesterdays party:

Rndm [DIAL]
Simon Beeston [Highgrade]
Chris Schwarzwälder [Bar25]
Fabian Drews [mama-j]
Convex Shape [Iwillchange.Ipromise]
Holger Hecler [juciemarket]

Minimal Techno Berlin

Wild Wedding

Open Air girls

Open Air equipment

Open Air Berlin

Open Air tent

Open Air party

Party sunset

Open Air packing

Festivals in Germany

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

Germany is a great place to be for the summer. One of the reasons of this is all the festivals taking place here almost every weekend. Music of all taste can be found, but if you like electronic music this is your place to be.

Here is a list of some of the open air festivals that takes place during the summer in Germany. Be aware of that most of the information are for this year and that they might change for future festivals.

9 June: Psychedelic Circus (link)
Psytrance, 5 days, 45 euro including 5 euro trash fee

30 June: Fusion (link)
Psytrance & mixed, 4 days

15 July: Antaris Project (link)
Psytrance,  4 days, 70 euro

21 July: Fullmoon Festival (every second year) (link)
Psytrance,  8 days, 45-70 euro

22 July: Vuuv Festival (link)
Psytrance, 4 days, 60-80 euro including 5 euro trash fee

23 July: Nation of Gondwana (link)
Minimal Techno, 2 days, 30 euro including 5 euro trash fee

29 July: Sunflower Festival (link)
Alternative / dub / rock, 3 days, 39 euro

5 August: Summerfest (link)
Mixed music, 3 days, price is up to you

12 August: Wonderland (link)
Progressive psytrance, 3 days, 55 euro

19 August: Stereo City Festival (link)
Electronic music, 3 days, 49 euro

1 September: Indian spirit (link)
Psytrance, 5 days, 45 euro

Nation Of Gondwana

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

After having moved to Berlin and finally found an apartment which I share with four+ Germans, I went last weekend to the open air festival Nation Of Gondwana. This is a minimal techno festival which takes place just one hour outside of Berlin, surrounded by a beautiful forest and a small lake. The last 3 days before the festival had been cold and rainy, but just in time the weather cleared up and was perfect during the whole festival weekend.

To go to the Nation Of Gondwana, take the train (about 4 euro one way from Berlin) to Bahnhof Nauen and from there the free shuttle bus that goes about every 30 minutes to the festival area. If you are not travelling with a tent, Woolworth in Germany have a cheap 2-3 person tent for around 20 euro. Price for the two day festival is 30 euro, which includes a trash fee of 5 euro that you get back if you collect your trash and leave at the exit. If you like camping a good idea is to come one day before the festival to enjoy the beautiful area.

Festival field

Early festival

Chill out zone

Festival lake

Festival sunset

Festival tent

German forest

Military action in Dahab, Egypt

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

During the last week here in Dahab the military have started to tear down a few illegally built houses. People started building these houses after Egypt’s revolution thinking nobody would care about it, which they didn’t before now.

Because of this, a group of locals have started to do a walking demonstration on one of the main streets every night. This is the first time there are any problems in Dahab in connection with the revolution, not counting the week without phone or internet in the whole Egypt during the demonstrations, and the recent lack of tourism.

Dahab festival

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

Yesterday was the last day of the Dahab Festival. This is a one week event with two festivals taking place at the same time, the Dahab International Festival of Water Sports, Culture and Desert Adventure and the Dahab Bedouin Festival. The idea of them both are to make the tourists come back to Sinai/Dahab, but instead of cooperating there is a small clash between the two festivals. The first one is organized by the Egyptian business owners and the second one by the local Bedouins, who actually were here first but now gets more and more pushed away. Still, they have the right to claim land wherever it’s possible to own for them self, which is the same pattern I saw also in Mozambique.

The pictures below are from the Homemade boat race, the Bedouin Festival, the Bedouin camel race and finally the [end of the] Bedouin Full moon party.

Dahab festival

Dahab snorkeling

Dahab scuba diving

Egypt pirates

Egypt festival

Dahab surfing

Bedouin Festival

Bedouin tea

Egyptian Bedouin

Nescafé Egypt - Bedouin style

Camels in desert

Dahab photos

Camels photo

Camel racing

Camel race

Egyptian flag

Egypt sunset

Dahab sunset

Bedouin bread

Carnaval de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

The carnival here lasted for one whole month and still i realized now that i didn’t write a single word about it in the blog. Although I liked it one month is more then enough, so I was happy when it finally ended. The carnival parties were mostly focused to the weekends at the Santa Catalina square, but the whole week you could see people in the evening who were dressed out. The most common dresses are for the guys to dress like girls (transvestites / shemales) and for girls to dress up sexy to for example cowboys, policemen or super heroes.

There was some unluck with the weather for the people that don’t like rain, as the two biggest events of the carnival took place during the rain. Both of them are within the last period of the carnival:

Gran Cabalgata (the Grand Parade)
This is a  crazy parade with 200 000 people walking 7 kilometers, from the north to the south of Las Palmas. Everybody are in costumes, both the parade attendants and the crowd, and the feeling is very vibrant with music and dancing.

Pasacalle De Carnaval Tradicional / Los Indianos
Imagine La Tomatina but with flour/talk instead of tomatoes, and you have Los Indianos. A several hours flour/talk fight that results in everybody being totally white and even with the sky as one big cloud covering the long street this is celebrated on. The tradition started with people that came back rich and successful to Gran Canaria after living abroad for some years. When they came back they were dressed in all white clothes (to show their success) and their friends and relatives who were meeting them in the harbor were throwing flour on them.

The carnival takes place during 15th of February until 12th of March and to read more about it you can visit the official web site.

Carnaval Gran Canaria

Carnaval clowns, Las Palmas

Carnaval sexy dancers

Carnaval smurfs

Carneval shemales / transvestites

Carneval crowd, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Carnaval Gran Canaria 2011

Carnaval Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 2011

Las Palmas Carneval

Funny transvestites / shemales

Marge Simpson costume, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Los Indianos 2011

Pasacalle de Carnaval Tradicional Gran Canaria Las Palmas

Flour / talk people (in pub) Las Palmas

Disasterpeace psytrance festival near Cape Town, South Africa

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

The psytrance scene in Cape Town is really big since the last 5 years and in the summertime there are arranged festivals every single weekend. I attended the Disasterpeace festival recently with some friends from Cape Town and had a great time! The festival only had 24 hours of music but the quality of the artists were high with a lot of locals and Skazi from Israel as a main act at 6 o’clock in the morning with a 3 hour set.

Disasterpeace psytrance festival/party

Dancers with mountain background

Disasterpeace festival dance floor

Disaster peace set

Sunrise at festival dance floor

Dancefloor spraying water steam on dancers

Dj at sunrise, psytrance festival

Shadow chill out tent at psyfestival

DJ, dancer on stage with hands in air

Happy dancers in dance floor steam