Climbing Lakatnik

I can not believe how bad I have been in updating the blog recently. Well, I am still in Bulgaria, thinking of staying here for a while even though the winter probably will arrive within some month(s). Right now the weather is amazing and yesterday I was relaxing on our roof terrass in only a t-shirt, with weather that could trick anybody that it was still summer.

One of the best things with Sofia is how near it is to the mountains. It’s a very nice feeling to be able to see the mountains from the city, and knowing that it takes less then an hour with a car to reach amazing nature with possibilities for trekking, climbing, caving and much more.

Last Sunday I went with some local climber friends to Lakatnik. I had been trekking in the area before but this was my first climbing there. As usual, the autumn scenery was really beautiful and the unplanned detour we managed to take on the way there was just added pleasure.

Climbing Lakatnik
Climbing with a view

Lakatnik Climbers
One of many caves near the climbing area

In good company
In good company up to the mountain

Sofia Mountain view
Sofia Vitosha mountain view (from my living room)

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