Cyprus bus

Although the locals say the Cyprus bus transport system have become much better since the last years, it’s still very basic and sometimes random. Only some bus lines are always in time it seems, while some other bus lines are randomly late or even skips a bus now and then. One of the bigger problems with the bus on Cyprus is also that the intercity lines are very infrequent and usually without any buses whatsoever during night time. On top of this the timetables are inaccurate or just difficult to understand. For example “06:00-09:00 (every 60 minutes) , 08:00 , 09:30” means that there is buses 6 & 8 o’clock, but not at 7 o’clock according to the bus drivers.

I still love traveling by bus and when you finally get on a bus in Cyprus the rest of the trip is definitely enjoyable. So if you still plan to travel by bus on Cyprus – here is the Cyprus bus official web site:

Cyprus bus
Larnaca bus station is just a normal bus stop along the beach walk

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