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Cyprus car rental

Saturday, March 24th, 2012

Although Cyprus only has 800 000 inhabitants it gets more than
2 million tourists per year. Because the bus system in Cyprus is really bad most tourists rent a car, which get really obvious here with most of the cars on the streets having red rental plates and driving like they just got their license. This is of course because of in Cyprus the cars drive on the left side, not the right side as in most other countries in Europe. Luckily enough 50% of all the tourists in Cyprus are from Britain where they are used to this.

Below is a list of the cheapest Cyprus car rental places. The price examples are including insurance, unlimited mileage and during low season (winter) which is 1st Nov until 31st March. All of the companies listed here have pickup in at least Limassol, Cyprus.

Company Price/24h Minimum 10 euro 3-4 days 12 euro 3 days 16 euro 3 days 18 euro 3 days

It is also possible to rent motorbikes although it’s heavily overpriced. Scooters are easy to find and is about the same price to rent as a small car. A few examples of scooter- and motorbike rental can be found here and here.

The road signs in Cyprus are few and sometimes very misleading, so if you have limited time or don’t want unnecessary hassle it will be a good idea to also rent a good GPS. Also be careful to drive on Friday and Saturday evenings as most people here drive drunk between- and home from the pubs.

Cyprus car rental

The picture above is from my last road trip in Cyprus. Click here for
more Cyprus pictures.