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Climbing Lakatnik again (Alpine Meadow)

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Below are some pictures from yesterdays climbing, this time again in Lakatnik but climbing site Alpine Meadow.

Alpine Meadow river

Alpine Meadow walley

Alpine Meadow - cavers training

Alpine Meadow hut

Alpine Meadow in autumn colors

Alpine Meadow - autumn

Alpine Meadow hanging hut seen from below

Alpine Meadow river and trees

Alpine Meadow with village in the mist

Vitosha peak

Sunday, November 6th, 2011

Yesterday I spend the day with some friends walking up to the peak of Vitosha mountain, just outside of Sofia. The weather was perfect and during the day we experienced everything from walking in t-shirt to light freezing with several layers of clothes. Although the weather was great there was not so many people up in the mountain, and because there are several trails up to the peak of Vitosha we mostly met people at the top. There, at 2290 meters elevation, we got warm lunch (lentil soup and kofta with lutenitsa) from a hut while enjoying the beautiful view of Bulgaria’s mountains around us.

Vitosha mountain


Mountains in clouds

The white mountains

Vitosha peak

Naked guy

Snowy peaks

Mountain in the clouds

Cloud mountain

Mountain forest

Foggy mountain

Mount vitosha

Lonely tree

Mountain trees

Mountain village

Climbing Lakatnik

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

I can not believe how bad I have been in updating the blog recently. Well, I am still in Bulgaria, thinking of staying here for a while even though the winter probably will arrive within some month(s). Right now the weather is amazing and yesterday I was relaxing on our roof terrass in only a t-shirt, with weather that could trick anybody that it was still summer.

One of the best things with Sofia is how near it is to the mountains. It’s a very nice feeling to be able to see the mountains from the city, and knowing that it takes less then an hour with a car to reach amazing nature with possibilities for trekking, climbing, caving and much more.

Last Sunday I went with some local climber friends to Lakatnik. I had been trekking in the area before but this was my first climbing there. As usual, the autumn scenery was really beautiful and the unplanned detour we managed to take on the way there was just added pleasure.

Climbing Lakatnik
Climbing with a view

Lakatnik Climbers
One of many caves near the climbing area

In good company
In good company up to the mountain

Sofia Mountain view
Sofia Vitosha mountain view (from my living room)

Weekend in Sweden

Monday, September 5th, 2011

Last week I made a quick break from Berlin to spend some time with my family and friends in Sweden. Here below are some pictures I took in the Swedish nature.

Swedish leaves

Beautiful flower


Broken mushroom

Climbing spider

Golden berries

Mushroom picture

Nice flower

Swedish spider



Wet flower

Swedish apples

Swedish flower

Spider web

Swedish forest

Swedish mushroom

Swedish mushrooms

Swedish pine

Swedish sea

Swedish nature

Swedish boat

Water hole

Sunflower picture

Swedish sunset

And finally some macro flower pictures. Click twice on a photo to zoom in on it.

Flower macro

Flower macro with water drops

Flower macro closeup

A walk in the park part II – Open Air Berlin

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

During the summer in Berlin it’s very common with Sunday parties and yesterday I went to a friends Open Air party which they organize for the second year in a row. The party takes place in a park near the area Wedding and just next to the river, which makes it a beautiful surrounding with both the feeling of the nature and at the same time people passing by just taking a walk in the park.

Usually these events start in the early afternoon and continues to a short time after the sunlight have disappeared. It’s very uncommon that the police in Berlin shuts down these illegal Open Air parties and if they arrive to the place they usually just ask polite to turn down the volume a bit, or sets an end time when the music should be stopped.

For me these Sunday parties are way better then going to a club and the atmosphere reminds more of a festival then a pub or a club. Sundays are perfect for a chill out party and to get beautiful nature, great music & friends at the same time – it can’t be better!

For you who know your minimal techno, here are the lineup for yesterdays party:

Rndm [DIAL]
Simon Beeston [Highgrade]
Chris Schwarzwälder [Bar25]
Fabian Drews [mama-j]
Convex Shape [Iwillchange.Ipromise]
Holger Hecler [juciemarket]

Minimal Techno Berlin

Wild Wedding

Open Air girls

Open Air equipment

Open Air Berlin

Open Air tent

Open Air party

Party sunset

Open Air packing

Nation Of Gondwana

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

After having moved to Berlin and finally found an apartment which I share with four+ Germans, I went last weekend to the open air festival Nation Of Gondwana. This is a minimal techno festival which takes place just one hour outside of Berlin, surrounded by a beautiful forest and a small lake. The last 3 days before the festival had been cold and rainy, but just in time the weather cleared up and was perfect during the whole festival weekend.

To go to the Nation Of Gondwana, take the train (about 4 euro one way from Berlin) to Bahnhof Nauen and from there the free shuttle bus that goes about every 30 minutes to the festival area. If you are not travelling with a tent, Woolworth in Germany have a cheap 2-3 person tent for around 20 euro. Price for the two day festival is 30 euro, which includes a trash fee of 5 euro that you get back if you collect your trash and leave at the exit. If you like camping a good idea is to come one day before the festival to enjoy the beautiful area.

Festival field

Early festival

Chill out zone

Festival lake

Festival sunset

Festival tent

German forest

Again in Brussels

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

I took some days off to visit one of my new European favorite cities, Brussels. It was just 3 months since I was in Brussels last time, on my way to Dahab. After two months in Egypt it’s was very refreshing to be back in Europe. The contrasts were big, like the gray weather which I had missed so much and the quietness even though the city is big.

Brussels is very idyllic with green parks and beautiful streets. Most people are happy and smiling here, but at the same time they are “trapped” in their boxed every day lives not integrating with the people around them. Here, for example, people look strange at you if you start a conversation or smile to a person that you don’t know. While it’s very relaxing to be back in a “civilized” city I can also miss Egypt where you start conversations with random people on the street several times per day.

Belgian tree

Bois de la Cambre

Brussels bus

Brussels lake

Brussels park

Etang d Ixelles

Flower girl

Belgian swan in Brussels

Mirror effect

Belgian graffiti

Graffiti Bruxelles

Jupiler Belgium

Abstract plants

Atomium Brussels

Alexandria pictures

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

After Cairo I decided to see Alexandria which many Egyptians had recommended to me. Alexandria is a big city, like Cairo, but situated next to the sea. What I liked most about this city was the local market and the incredibly fresh and tasty market food.

Again, more Egypt pictures, this time from Alexandria:

Alexandria beach

Alexandria harbor

Alexandria boat

Alexandria fish market
Fish market in Alexandria

Boat building
Boat building

Alexandria barber

Alexandria car

Alexandria festival

Alexandria market

Alexandria fish

Alexandria food

Sugar factory Egypt
Fun map over Alexandria

Alexandria library
Alexandria’s new library with a lot of interesting museums inside

Egypt revolution pictures
Photographic exhibition with pictures of the Egyptian revolution

Egypt police

Alexandria cafe

Cairo pictures

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

On the way out from Egypt I visited Cairo for some days. I really loved this vibrant city although travelling inside the city can take a long time due to the size of the city and that you have to change transport system a lot of times to get from point A to point B.

A lot of people ask me about the safety in Egypt right now, specially in Cairo, due to the political status. Because of how media is showing the country people get the idea that the whole country is dangerous to visit both now and in the near future. What I could see from my travels there and with people I spoke to this is far from the truth. The police and even the military are back on the streets and Cairo are back to normal again with a safe feeling. Most of the other cities in Egypt was never affected by the revolution, besides from having less tourists.

Here are some pictures from last week in Cairo and around:

Cafe in Cairo

Cairo citadel
The Citadel

Cairo city view
City view with the Giza pyramids

Cairo mosque

Muhammad Ali mosque
Muhammad Ali mosque

Cairo prayers

Modern church
Modern church with LCD TV and roof fans

Midan Tahrir
Midan Tahrir square

Talaat Harb
Talaat Harb street, Tahrir Square

Cairo protester

Egyptian car
Typical Egyptian car with decorations

Red pyramid
The Red pyramid

Bent pyramid
The Bent pyramid (2600 BC)

Saqqara Step pyramid of Djoser (2648 BC)

Egyptian hieroglyphs
Egyptian hieroglyphs inside Saqqara tomb

Palm forest
Dade palm forest

Camel spider
Camel spider

Egypt kite

Egypt revolution graffiti

Egypt satellite TV

Cairo sunset

In Cairo

Monday, July 4th, 2011

Cairo is a great contrast after Dahab. Too bad I will only stay here a few days, but I will come back.

Tahrir square on a Friday

The picture is from the Tahrir Square where the 2011 Egyptian Revolution took place and where they still have demonstrations every Friday. More pictures from Cairo will come later.