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Festivals in Germany

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

Germany is a great place to be for the summer. One of the reasons of this is all the festivals taking place here almost every weekend. Music of all taste can be found, but if you like electronic music this is your place to be.

Here is a list of some of the open air festivals that takes place during the summer in Germany. Be aware of that most of the information are for this year and that they might change for future festivals.

9 June: Psychedelic Circus (link)
Psytrance, 5 days, 45 euro including 5 euro trash fee

30 June: Fusion (link)
Psytrance & mixed, 4 days

15 July: Antaris Project (link)
Psytrance,  4 days, 70 euro

21 July: Fullmoon Festival (every second year) (link)
Psytrance,  8 days, 45-70 euro

22 July: Vuuv Festival (link)
Psytrance, 4 days, 60-80 euro including 5 euro trash fee

23 July: Nation of Gondwana (link)
Minimal Techno, 2 days, 30 euro including 5 euro trash fee

29 July: Sunflower Festival (link)
Alternative / dub / rock, 3 days, 39 euro

5 August: Summerfest (link)
Mixed music, 3 days, price is up to you

12 August: Wonderland (link)
Progressive psytrance, 3 days, 55 euro

19 August: Stereo City Festival (link)
Electronic music, 3 days, 49 euro

1 September: Indian spirit (link)
Psytrance, 5 days, 45 euro