Things can change quickly

Today I talked with the guy who will rent an apartment to me in Sofia, Bulgaria, because I wanted to know where and how to get the keys when arriving two weeks from now. He then told me that he had changed his mind about renting out the apartment. This puts me in an interesting situation as I already have bought the tickets to Bulgaria and canceled my current apartment here in Spain. I was in an (angry) shock.

Lucky for me the weather here has also changed from rainy storm to a warm blue sky. As I needed a break I went down to the beach for a swim right after sending out some requests to people about a new apartment. The beach had already been somewhat renovated and had just the right amount of people (mostly locals) suntanning. The water was clear and warm, not full of trash as I thought it would be after the floodings. When I came back to the apartment one hour later I already had two mails about apartments in Sofia, so everything looks bright again. I also found places to stay in Granada and Madrid which I will see on the way to Sofia.

This should be a lesson to me to have backup plans more often, but also a good knowledge that whatever happens everything usually works out anyway.

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