I have loved to travel my whole life and felt trapped in my home country. When my travels was most extreme I traveled to a new country every 3 weeks. After a while I got tired of not having enough time to learn about a place before it was time to leave again. Also I had dreamed for as long as I could remember to move abroad, so I did it.

First place was Milano, totally random and just because I could find a place to stay there really fast. I bought a one-way-ticket and wanted to stay for a minimum of some weeks, which very fast became 5 months and one of my best experiences ever!

Now I move around continuously while staying 1-6 months in every country. Where and when I go is totally unplanned and improvised, and to afford this I have an internet based company which also allows me not to be physically stuck in one place.

This blog is dedicated to all the amazing people I have met and continue to meet throughout my travels.

World Nomad


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