Adventures in Bulgaria

I have earlier written about the beautiful Bulgarian nature and have also been trekking a lot in the mountains around Sofia. Lately the weather have been really good here which have given me the opportunity also to do a lot of outdoor sports, instead of the indoor climbing I mostly did during the colder part of the year. Some weeks ago for example I was to the opening of the rafting season in Bulgaria. Last weekend, I was checking out the climbing sites in and around Plovdiv. One of them is just 50 meters from the town walking area, and another was about 30 minutes drive from the city. The common thing with them all is that the level of climbing is very¬†advanced, which can be one of the reasons that most of the best climbers in Bulgaria is from Plovdiv and it’s climbing club with only about 10 people in it.

Check out the pictures below from the weekend:

Vertical crimp climbing Plovdiv

Climber and belayer

Plovdiv tepeta climbing

Two climbers on rock wall

Homemade bridge over river

Climber preparing jump

Bulgarian rock climber

Hanging climber

Lead climber

Brjanovshtitza climber

Toprope climbing high

Climbing dog

Climber with hand chalk

Climber handhold

Climber with forest background

Climber and   trees

Curved climber

Climber clipping

Brjanovshtitza climbing

Brjanovshtitza rock view

Brjanovshtitza climbing rock wall

Climbing rope foot edging

Climbing hut on mountain wall

Climber gravical high vertical

Climbing silhouette

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