Airlines to Cyprus

Next week I am moving to Cyprus! I know I was supposed to settle down here in Sofia for a while but after only a few months my travel passion started to apprehend me and I felt it was time to move on for a while. Also the winter here have been unusually hard but now when I finally move on the spring has come.

Anyway, for you people interested in visiting the only city in Europe that is in two countries at the same time, here is a list of the cheapest airlines to Cyprus:

  • BelgiumRyanair, JetairFly, Cyprus Airways
  • Egypt: EgyptAir
  • Germany: Ryanair, Condor, Air Berlin, Lufthansa
  • Greece: Aegean Airlines, Ryanair, Olympic Air, Cyprus Airways
  • Hungary: Ryanair
  • Italy: Ryanair, Alitalia, Cyprus Airways
  • Poland: Ryanair, LOT
  • Romania: Blue Air
  • Spain: Ryanair
  • Sweden: Norwegian, Ryanair
  • Turkey: Pegasus Airlines, Turkish Airlines, AtlasJet
  • United Kingdom: easyJet, British Airways, Monarch, flythomascook

All the Cyprus flights above can be found for less than 100 euro one way. There is also a ferry from south Turkey to Cyprus if you prefer to go the land way, well, sea way. The ships that used to go from Greece are cancelled and there is no information on when they will start to work again, if ever. Last but not least there is a freighter cruise that goes from UK to Italy and then on to Limassol in Cyprus. For more information, click here.

See you in Cyprus!

Airlines to Cyprus

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