Back in my “home base” Bulgaria

Once again it was time for me to find another flat share or apartment in Berlin. I was getting tired of spending time and energy jumping around within the same city, even though I really liked it there. After contacting a few friends all over the world to see if they had a room for me, I started thinking this was the perfect timing to go back to Bulgaria. I called a good friend in Sofia and she told me that they just got a free room for rent in the apartment where she was staying. Incredibly enough I found a cheap flight already for the next morning and around noon the next day I was in Bulgaria for the first time in a year.

Bulgaria have always felt like my home, even since the first day I arrived here about two years ago. The people are amazing, so are the nature, culture, music, food and possible outdoor sports. I was really missing the nature when I was living in Berlin, and felt it even more after a short visit to my family in Sweden. The timing to go to Bulgaria was also good since the summer is still here with around 30 degrees celcius and a lot of activities in the city.

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