My travel (living) backpack content

During the last years of traveling I have only lived with one or maximum two bags. The contents of the bags have been mostly the same, but some things have been added or taken away depending on my current living style and need. In general I have dropped a lot of winter clothes, and nowadays I only own some warm clothes to have for walking up the mountains. At the same time I have added more equipment that make my hobbies easier to do by owning it myself instead of renting or borrowing equipment every time. So, for the first time in this blog I here reveal my current belongings, packed into one 45 liter backpack and one small backpack for daily use:

Backpack packing list

Clothes & health
Clothes for about one week
3 pair of shoes (mountain + normal + sandals)
Sun cap
Basic hygiene products
Basic survival kit

Outdoor sport & hobbies
Climbing harness & shoes
Scuba diving computer, hood & snorkeling equipment
Joggling balls

10″ computer for work
2 cameras (normal + tough)
2 phones (wifi/gps + cheap)

The rest
2 sleeping bags (12 degrees + silk)
2 thin towels
Hammock + ropes
Books for learning Spanish & Bulgarian
Notebook & pen
Small things for pleasure, like incense

Even though I am trying to live my life without paper, I still think it’s worth to have a regular notebook to write down thoughts easily in tranquil surroundings, which always is without a computer.

Sometimes I travel with a small tent but usually I give this away to somebody due to it’s weight or size, and then pick up a new one whenever I need it again.

The biggest space problem is the warm mountain clothes. Without these my backpack size would be reduced a lot. The same would of course be a problem while travelling in cold countries.

This was by the way my 100th posting in the blog =)

Backpack packing list

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