Be happy for the things you already have

A lot of times we wish we were somewhere else, did something different or had things we do not have. What we easily forget is to be happy about what we have right NOW, at THIS exact moment.

For example some of the small things we miss when we are traveling, most people take for granted in their “normal” lives. This can be as simple as taking a hot shower, free tap water, electricity, not having 100s of itching mosquito bites, having a warm apartment in the winter, a wardrobe with more than 10 pieces of clothes, a laundry machine, health, missing friends and family etc.

This goes both ways. When you are traveling and miss the things above, be thankful for what you ARE having at the moment. You are out of your daily habits, building experience, meeting new people, doing things you can not do at home and having different weather.

Wherever you are, if it rains today, remember that hot day in the past when the only thing you wished for was rain. Take pauses now and then to think about what you have and be thankful for it!

Guatemala shower giving electrical shocks

Electric shower in Guatemala, giving electric shocks instead of warm water

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