Bolsjefabrikken – Danish squat / culture center

Today is the last day for me in Copenhagen before heading back to Berlin. Of the things I experienced this time in Denmark, besides meeting my family, the best was definitely the “Panicroom” event at Bolsjefabrikken that takes place now during 15 days. The idea of the event, which consists of workshops and concerts, is to collect money to be able to buy the squatted area. Bolsjefabrikken, or Candy Factory in English, is a group of people who have taken over two big houses in different areas of Copenhagen. The name comes from that the original building that they occupied in 2008 was actually a candy factory.

In order for the group to buy Bolsjefabrikken they have to collect 500 000 euro. Because the squat is relatively unknown both for foreigners and people here in Copenhagen this will be a difficult task. To help them you can go to this web site and click on one of the building bricks to give them your support by a donation of 10, 20 or 30 euro.


Work in progress sign

Bolsjefabrikken books

Iceland trip

Bolsjefabrikken art

Bolsjefabrikken graffiti

Banksy is not a tagger

Energy lamp

Running projector

Squat concert

Teddy bear

Bolsjefabrikken København

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