Bulgarian street protests against Roma boss

The last days in Sofia and other Bulgarian cities there have been street gangs in the centers together with massive police- ambulance- and firetruck gatherings during the evening. The reason is a 19 year old kid who was run over and killed last Friday by a Roma man. According to rumors the kill was ordered by the Roma Tsar Kiro (Kiril Rashkov), and one day before the accident one of the Tsar’s grandsons wrote on his Facebook profile “The one who is my enemy should die in a traffic accident!”. This have resulted in big continuous street riot with hundreds of people, mostly soccer hooligans and ultra-rightists, arrested and the Tsar together with his family and clan members taken in protection by the police. Also one of the Tsar’s homes was burned down last Saturday by hooligans that were gathered from several Bulgarian cities.

A lot of people think that everything that happen here right now is partly because of the upcoming elections. Both before and after the accident several probes of the Tsar’s real estate properties and assets were done by the National Revenue Agency (NRA).

It’s common in Bulgaria that the police is leaking information in their press releases, like names and addresses of people. In this case they for example stated that “The family is going to be taken to an unidentified location, 80 km away from Sofia.” which can only be three cities. Also they told that the driver of the car was a 55 year old man with the initials C.Y.

Where this will lead nobody knows, but many of the Bulgarians seem to support the riots as they think the Roma people are unfairly privileged. It’s a shame that the Roma people will get an even worse reputation after this event.

There are about 400-800 000 Roma people living in Bulgaria depending on different sources. 

2 thoughts on “Bulgarian street protests against Roma boss

  1. Bulgarian ppls do not beleive that Roma people are unfairly previleged. Roma peoples indeed are unfairly previleged! And its no shame that Roma people repuitation will get worse. They get the reputation , which they deserve. Bulgarian ppls are very tolerant. They accept black peoples , they respect asians ,they treath with respect peoples from any country. But bulgarian peoples hate roma peoples ,and that not out of racism ,but for thousend of reasons.
    The real shame here its that you , instead calling the things with real names , blame us indirecly in racism .
    For all who reads here. In Bulgaria it is racism!!! And its versus us ,the bulgarians. In our own country ,we get raped, murdered ,and stealed. If we self defend, we end in prison ,because we become racist. If we burn the house of murderer(that its not a rumor,as the guy say here), we are called hooligans .Just pray they never to come in your countries so many ,as they are here… Then you will see what really mean racism…
    Sorry for all my spell erors, but the important things its what i say :) .

  2. Just a quick reply this time. It’s not only in Bulgaria that it’s “illegal” to self defend yourself, actually it’s like this in most parts of the world.

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