Camping on Gran Canaria

Last weekend (in double meaning) on Gran Canaria I spent camping on a hidden nudist beach with a friend. Because of the easter holidays just starting the beach was full of tents and people. What started as a problem when our tent broke ended up as a perfect solution sleeping under the stars and full moon, accompanied by the sound of the waves and guitar music.

Although most people don’t know it, there are some free government campings on Gran Canaria. To find them you need to know where they are because there are no signs for them or even information on the governments official web site.

If you instead decide to camp in the nature there is a fee of some hundred euros if the police finds you, which means that most people doing this option choose a hidden place for the tent.

In the case you are camping near the ocean, have in mind the high tide which peaks at 12 o’clock in the morning and at full moon.

Nudist beach in Gran Canaria

Camping en Gran Canaria

Camping on Gran Canaria

Full moon Gran Canaria

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