Central America trip so far / back to work

While my vacation ended this week, my Central America trip is not to an end yet. I had a great time visiting caves in Mexico, Scuba diving in Belize (with Nurse sharks) and Honduras, trekking volcanoes in Guatemala, wave surfing in El Salvador and visiting small villages here in Nicaragua trying to find the rain forest. Currently I am in Puerto Cabezas and moving on to the Corn Islands (Las Islas del Maíz) tomorrow. Hopefully this web site will become more alive from now on with both new material and recaps of some of the places visited.

Until then, here is a list of where I spent the nights during the last two months, traveling together with a friend I met in Italy some years ago:

Mexico, Cancun
Mexico, Playa del Carmen
Mexico, Tulum

Belize, Belize City
Belize, Keykaulker island
Belize, San Ignacio

Guatemala, Flores
Guatemala, Rio Dulce
Guatemala, Rabinal
Guatemala, Guatemala City
Guatemala, Antigua
Guatemala, Panajachel (Lake Atitlan)
Guatemala, Port of San Jose

El Salvador, Garita Palmera
El Salvador, La Perla
El Salvador, Playa el Tunco
El Salvador, San Salvador
El Salvador, La Libertad

Honduras, Santa Rosa de Copan
Honduras, La Ceiba
Honduras, Utila
Honduras, Zambrano
Honduras, Tegucigalpa

Nicaragua, Esteli
Nicaragua, Managua
Nicaragua, Rio Blanco
Nicaragua, Siuna
Nicaragua, Rosita
Nicaragua, Puerto Cabezas

Today I also realized that with this trip I passed 50+ countries visited, not that I count ;o)

Central America backpacking trip

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