Climbing in Berlin

Climbing is getting more and more popular in Berlin and I managed quickly to find some climbers here to go and climb with. Below are a list of some of the places in Berlin where you can do indoor climbing:

Der Kegel
Address: Revaler Straße 99
Type: Rope (outdoor) / Bouldering (outdoor & indoor)
Price: 4 euro

Magic Mountain Kletterhallen
Address: GmbH Böttgerstraße 20-26
Type:  Rope (outdoor & indoor) / Bouldering (indoor)
Price: 14 euro

Address: Hauptstrasse 13
Type:  Bouldering (indoor)
Price: 8½ euro

T-Hall Berlin
Address: Thiemannstr. 1
Type:  Rope (indoor) / Bouldering (indoor)
Price: 9 – 12½ euro

Prices are not including climbing equipment and it is recommended that you have your own, as not all climbing halls rent out equipment. Also, if you have your own climbing shoes you can go bouldering for free in the parks Volkspark Friedrichshain or Mauerpark.

Because there are no natural rocks in Berlin all the climbing places here are either old buildings you climb on, or normal handmade climbing walls.

Der Kegel Berlin

Der Kegel

Visit these links for more complete lists of climbing places in Berlin: indoor / outdoor

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