Cost of living in Cyprus

The cost of living in Cyprus is a bit more expensive than in most other countries in Europe, especially comparing to the southern countries. You can still live cheap in Cyprus if you have a car or are living near one of the big super markets, but in other case calculate with double the prices as below if you go shopping in small local stores. When a price range is written, the cheaper price is LIDL and the more expensive is Alphamega. All examples are from Limassol in south Cyprus.

STORE / SUPERMARKET (LIDL Cyprus & Alphamega)
1 liter juice 1-2 euro
1 liter milk 1,30 euro
1 liter local beer 1,80 euro
1,5 liter of wine 1,50 – 2 euro
1 liter rice 1,10 euro
0,5 kg pasta 45 cent – 1,35 euro
6 eggs 2-3 euro
Can of sardines or tunas 85 cent – 1,20 euro
1 fresh big bread 70 cent
1 kg yogurt 2 – 4,40 euro
1 kg bananas 1-2 euro
1 kg kiwi 2,20 euro
1 kg orange 1,20 euro
washing powder 2,60 euro
Caffè Latte 3-4 euro
Draft beer (33 cl) 3,50 euro
Sallad 8-14 euro
Fast food Kebab 4 euro, Hamburger 4 euro
Lunch/dinner 6-12 euro for cheap lunch/dinner without drink
Local bus 1 euro per trip (ticket can not be used when changing bus) or 2 euro for a day ticket.
Bus within the country Around 3-6 euro
Bus Larnaca airport to Limassol 8 euro
Furnished apartment 450 euro/month + electricity & water (central)
Room in shared apartment 200-300 euro/month including electricity & water & internet (central)
Phone calls (MTN) 7 euro for a sim card with 2 euro to call for. 7-8 cent per minute, 2 cent per SMS and 20 free SMS included in every top up.
WIFI Open WIFI networks can be found on the street on some places. Cafés and restaurants commonly have free WIFI. There are also a few internet cafés with computers that you can rent. Internet in Hotels cost extra.

Alphamega Limassol Cyprus

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