Cuatro Puertas, Telde – Gran Canaria

Yesterday I visited an interesting archaeological place here on Gran Canaria called Cuatro Puertas. This is a collection of hand made caves on the Montaña Bermeja where the religious priests or outcasts of the ancient Guanche people, Gran Canaria’s original inhabitants, used to live a long time ago. The name of the place comes from one of the caves with four openings in the volcanic rock, which was used for gatherings.

But to find the best place here you have to walk a bit further to a community of caves where people used to live, called Cueva de los Pilares. These caves are also hand made and have doors, windows, drainage systems and places for special rituals and beliefs, like a triangle marking for fertility. Besides the very well preserved caves this place also have a really beautiful view of the ocean and valley, and strangely enough no other people walking around so you can enjoy the scenery for yourself.

My camera is still in the repair shop, but I am surprised how good photos my mobile camera (without auto- or manual focus) took this time, even in the evening with bad light. All the pictures below are from the Cueva de los Pilares:

Gran Canaria caves

Cueva de Los Pilares - Montana Bermeja

Cuatro Puertas Gran Canaria

Cuatro Puertas

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