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I recently rented a car here on Cyprus and did a road trip with a friend to explore the island. Cyprus is very small and it takes about 4 hours to cross the island with a car, so during the 3 days we were on the road we saw most of the country. The views here are very varied with coastline, mountains, small villages, medieval ruins and big national parks. Here are some of the pictures of Cyprus from this trip:

Cyprus tractor
Somewhere in the mountains on a random detour

Cyprus peninsula
Peninsula near Polis & Venus bath

Polis Cyprus
Again near Polis

Cyprus food
Plate with mixed seafood

Cyprus shoes
Lonely shoe on a beach near Polis

Cyprus harbor
Polis harbor in sunrise after waking up in the car nearby

Cyprus fish boats

Cyprus sailboats

Cyprus road
Finally up in the mountains again

Cyprus mountains
Near an UN area up in the mountains

Troodos mountains

Bulgarian Martenitsa in Cyprus
Perfect place on a 1170 meter mountain peak to leave a Bulgarian martenitsa

Mount Olympus
Part of Mount Olympus


TRNC mosque
Mosque in TRNC (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus)

Turkish northern Cyprus
Near the border of the Turkish northern Cyprus (TRNC)

Occupy buffer zone
Occupy buffer zone, near border of TRNC

TRNC Cyprus
Again in TRNC

Car map
Car travel map with car keys and coffee

Potamia ruin
Medieval ruins in Potamia, near Polis

TRNC flag
TRNC flag on a hill in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Caterpillar Cyprus
Hill in Potania with thousands of caterpillars

Potamia Cyprus
Again Potamia

Stavravouni monastery view
Stavravouni monastery view, near Larnaca

Cape greko
Arriving to Cape Greko in perfect timing for the sunset

Cape Greco Cyprus
Again Cape Greko (or Cavo Greco) near Ayia Napa

Map Cyprus
Trying to understand where we have been, only managing to pinpoint about half of the places

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