Disasterpeace psytrance festival near Cape Town, South Africa

The psytrance scene in Cape Town is really big since the last 5 years and in the summertime there are arranged festivals every single weekend. I attended the Disasterpeace festival recently with some friends from Cape Town and had a great time! The festival only had 24 hours of music but the quality of the artists were high with a lot of locals and Skazi from Israel as a main act at 6 o’clock in the morning with a 3 hour set.

Disasterpeace psytrance festival/party

Dancers with mountain background

Disasterpeace festival dance floor

Disaster peace set

Sunrise at festival dance floor

Dancefloor spraying water steam on dancers

Dj at sunrise, psytrance festival

Shadow chill out tent at psyfestival

DJ, dancer on stage with hands in air

Happy dancers in dance floor steam

2 Responses to “Disasterpeace psytrance festival near Cape Town, South Africa”

  1. Keenan says:

    it really was an amazing party! took some videos myself.


    enjoy it :)

  2. World nomad says:

    Great video, thanks! I want to go back there when I see it! =)

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