Egypt needs your money

Everybody here in Egypt are hoping for the tourists to come back. The locals are trying to spread the message that Egypt are now safe to be in, but everywhere you hear the same story: that people are afraid of traveling to Egypt. The economic crisis is a fact, specially in the cities that are entirely built up from tourism and totally dependent of it.

It is now 4 months since the Egyptian revolution took place. In Dahab, like the rest of Egypt, there is no trace of unsecureness or problems. Not even when the events were at their peak in Cairo were it visible in the other Egyptian cities, where life continued as usual. Still, people outside Egypt have got the impression from media that Egypt is unsafe to travel to right now. Not even after that the foreign governments took away their warnings not to visit Egypt the tourists returned.

This, together with the earlier freak accident with the shark attacks here, have taken Egypt to a really deep economic crisis. Only you, the tourists, can help them back on track.

Revolution in Egypt

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