Gibraltar pictures

Here below are some pictures from my last weekend in Gibraltar. Gibraltar is a British overseas territory and the only place in Europe where you can find wild monkeys, the Gibraltar Barbary Macaques, which live on The Rock of Gibraltar. About 230 monkeys live here free, and the higher up in the mountain you find them, the higher up they are in the monkey life hierarchy, and also more aggressive.

Rock of gibraltar, with Gibraltar airport landing strip

Gibraltar industries, Gibraltar port

Bird and cargo ship, Gibraltar view

Funny bird photo picture

Gibraltar strait

Gibraltar coast line with mountains, tilted camera

Baby monkey eating

Cute monkey (baby)

Cargo ships (docked), Gibraltar

Strait of Gibraltar (beautiful weather)

Monkey on rock - Gibraltar view

Picture of monkey

Barbary Macaques monkeys Gibraltar

Gibraltar airport luxery boats

Big waves on coast, Gibraltar

Car tires (hill), Gibraltar

Identical cars on parking lot, Gibraltar

Funny monkey inside city with Christmas decoration

Monkey temple in mountains

Gibraltar weather clouds

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