Graffiti in Palestinian refugee camps

When traveling through Palestine I visited two refugee camps in the central- and southern West Bank. The kindness of the people living there was amazing (like in the whole Palestine) and I also took the opportunity to photograph some graffiti which you can find below.

Palestine graffiti

Aida graffiti

Erased faces graffiti
Erased faces

Palestine Aida Camp graffiti

Vittorio Arrigoni graffiti
Vittorio Arrigoni. Free Palestine. In Free Universe.

Butterfly graffiti

Home demolition graffiti
End to home demolition

Lajee center graffiti

Guernica graffiti

Bethlehem graffiti

Colors graffiti

Stairway to heaven graffiti

Captivating graffiti

Aida camp graffiti

Human graffiti

Wall graffiti
Israel, you are on the wrong side of this wall… and of History

Back graffiti
Watchtower guard post for the wall around Aida Camp

Opgai graffiti
Opgai & Che

Che Guevara graffiti
Che Guevara

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