Hospital visits in Nicaragua

In the end of my stay on Little Corn Island I had a strange pain in my lung that came when I was inhaling. Because there is no hospital on the island I waited to check this to when I arrived to Big Corn Island shortly after. There, after 2 hours waiting for my turn the nurse (through a translator) tells me “Here we only test pee-pee and poo-poo”. There are actually an ultrasound machine on the island, but not at the hospital she tells me. When I trace the place down the people working there inform me that the ultrasound machine is only there one day per month. Anyway, there is a machine in Bluefields where I already have planned to travel to the next day, perfect.

When I arrive to the hospital in Bluefields the reception woman redirects me to the sub director of the hospital. I find him and am lucky enough to find somebody to translate for me again. After a short discussion I get an ultrasound order and the translator/nurse shows me the way.

-“Do you believe in God” she asks me. I wonder where this will go, and curiously answers her question. She tells me that this is a making of God, that I can skip the waiting list until November [2 months later] and do the ultrasound test already today.

In the waiting room there are only me and a dozen of pregnant women, together with a statue of Jesus. Some hours goes by and then it’s my turn.

After the test is finished I get an old lady, who is also visiting the hospital, to translate my test results for me. She just concludes the whole document into one sentence:

“Everything is cool”

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Nicaragua hospital; Jesus

Nicaragua hospital; Ultrasound

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