How to travel the world

How to travel the world

A lot of people want to travel the world, but they don’t know where to start, or they know but they need that little push to get them started. Here is a short guide of how to travel the world:

1) Get a mobile incomeFind an income that you can earn even on the road. This can be either through the computer or any physical work that you are good in.

2) Quit your job – This is the most common big problem that people can not persuade themselves to do. Especially if you have a high level fixed income and a job in these times of economic crises. But seriously, how happy are you about your job? Is your dream life to work with this exact job, or is your dream life waiting for you?

3) Leave your apartment – This is also very difficult for a lot of people because they have a long history of experiences and memories attached to their apartment. But think of it this way, IF you leave the apartment you will find new places where you will have the same attachment to, and if you don’t leave your current place you will never experience those amazing places.

4) Give away all your belongings to charity and friends or sell it – Yes again you have a lot of memories attached to them but why are you keeping them? Maybe you can take pictures of them to keep the memories? Or save some things at your parents or friends place and every time you go back to your “home” country it will be easier to get rid of the things you didn’t even spend 5 minutes thinking about during the whole year.

5) Choose your first destination – If you feel very insecure with this travel the world thing, choose a place where you easily can get home again. If you really want to take a big step out there, travel somewhere far and very different but at the same time to a place where you will have low living costs. Enjoy your first one way ticket and don’t plan for how long time you will stay or even your next step.

6) Pack your bagKeep it light, you don’t want to carry around a lot of things for the future years to come. Also remember that the more luggage you have the more you look like a tourist and it will become more difficult to merge together with the locals.

7) GO! That’s it, now you are on your way. When you arrive, use Hospitality Club, CouchSurfing or similar service to save money and to get to know locals quickly.

8) Enjoy your new life style and don’t look back!

How to travel the world for a year

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