Indoor climbing in Sofia

One of the things I like to spend my time with here in Sofia during the winter is to do indoor climbing. While I really prefer climbing outdoors in the nature, indoor climbing is still a good option when the weather is cold. Here in Sofia there are 3 places for indoor climbing, with two of them being in the area Studentski grad outside the center. I don’t include the small climbing hall in the mall  “City Center Sofia” because it’s mostly for promotion or children.

Here are the indoor climbing halls in Sofia, Bulgaria:

This is my favorite indoor climbing place with big walls of different difficulties. Here you will also find “rock” grips together with overhangs which gives you all the different sorts of indoor climbing you need. This climbing hall also have the possibility to rent equipment if needed.
Opening hours: 10-22 (weekends until 21) 

National Sports Academy (NSA)
Also a very nice indoor climbing hall similar to Gravity and again with possibility to rent equipment. NSA is a little bit smaller with it’s 650 m2 in comparison to Gravity’s 1000 m2.
Opening hours: 10-22 (weekends closed) 

Sofia University
Inside one of the domes of the Sofia university is the only climbing hall in the city center of Sofia. This hall is mostly for bouldering and you will need to have your own equipment and a membership to climb here.
Opening hours: varies

Gravity indoor climbing hall:
Indoor climbing

I am wondering, is indoor climbing still an outdoor sport?

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