Kourion, Cyprus

Today I was in the area of the bus station here in Limassol so I thought why not to go on a day trip somewhere. I had got the tip about Kourion before and I knew it was not far away so even though it was already midday I decided to go.

To go to Kourion from Limassol take bus 16 from the bus station near the water tower in the west side of the city center. You can buy a one day ticket for 2 euro which allows you unlimited trips. Be aware that the last bus back leaves already around 5 pm.

Kourion is the last stop of the bus and the trip there takes about 40 minutes, or 15 minutes with car. When you exit the bus you see a restaurant and behind it the road up to Kourion. You will pass an entrance where you have to pay 1,70 euro per person.

Kourion was an old city in Cyprus and the buildings that today are still visible were built during the 3rd to 5th century A.D. The most famous building here is the old amphitheater which held gladiator games when it was active.

Within 15 minutes walking from the archaeological site (outside the entrance) is the Kourion beach with a few restaurants and camping spots. Although nobody is swimming here yet the Cyprus weather is getting better with a lot of people walking around in t-shirt.

When I finally decided to head home to Limassol I wanted to try the hitch hiking here in Cyprus. Not to difficult it seems, or I was lucky, as the first car stopped and picked me up. Inside was a really nice Bulgarian man who lived in Cyprus during the last 4 years. To thank him for the ride, and to surprise him, I give him a martenitsa.


Kourion theatre

Kourion archaeological site

Kourion Cyprus

Kourion view

Kourion mosaic

Kourion, old and new

Kourion horses

Kourion horizon

Kourion beach

Kourion beach Cyprus

Kourion beach rocks

Kurion, woman reading in nature

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