Kouris Dam, Cyprus

Kouris Dam is the largest of the 180 Cyprus dams. Dams here on Cyprus are very important for the people living here, not only because they need them to survive but they are also a recreational place to visit. A few days ago the Kouris Dam, the largest of the 180 Cyprus dams, overflowed for the second time in it’s 24 year old history. Kouris Dam has a height of 110 meters, a surface area of 3.6 km3 and a capacity of 115 MCM (115 000 km3), which is about 35% of the total capacity of all the dams on Cyprus together.

For scuba diving enthusiasts Kouris Dam also has a submerged church that is possible to dive into when the water level is high enough.

To see a list of all the dams in Cyprus, current water level of each dam and more statistics, visit this link

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As you can see on the first link, this year the inflow of water is already the highest since the last 10 years with a record high peak in January 2012.

Kouris dam

Kouris dam bridge

Kouris dam exit

Kouris dam toys, alcohol and icecream

Kouris dam statistics

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