La Tomatina – the worlds biggest food fight?

I was recently at one of the most fun festivals I have ever been to. This festival is hold the last Wednesday of October every year in Buñol (Valencia), on the east cost of Spain. The festival is actually taking place for 7 days, but most people come for the last day which is when the food fight takes place.

Tens of thousands of people meet up to see who can take down a big piece of ham from a greased pole. When this is done (after a hour or so, if not people give up) the food fight starts! 5 trucks with 125 tons of tomatoes enter the packed crowd and people on the trucks start throwing the tomatoes at everyone nearby.

If you have a camera you are targeted extra, so have a water resistant camera and preferably in a plastic bag. Also swim goggles are recommended, and clothes that you can throw away after the one hour frenzy! And be prepared to sleep outdoor (if sleep at all) because this small town of around 9000 inhabitants have no chance of accommodate all people that comes for the festival.

Last but not least – don’t miss the great street parties that takes place after the food fight, before people take the bus or train home.

See you at La Tomatina next year!

La Tomatina - afterparty

La Tomatina - people

La Tomatina - people

La Tomatina - people

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