About a month ago I was in Lebanon but because of travels I did not have time to update the web site. I really enjoyed the country and it’s people, although it was a bit football-crazy at the moment. On all street you could see gigantic German flags, as well as on a lot of the cars.

Besides the coastal line of Beirut my favorite places in Lebanon was the city of Tripoli and the mountains to the east. Here are a few pictures from the trip:

Lebanon Beirut mosque

Lebanon Beirut fishermen

Lebanon Beirut coast

Lebanon Beirut waterpipe

Lebanon Beirut coast

Lebanon Beirut drink

Lebanon Beirut coast

Lebanon Beirut beach

Lebanon German flag

Lebanon Beirut outdoor market

Lebanon Tripoli Island

Lebanon Tripoli beach

Lebanon Tripoli boat

Lebanon Tripoli city view

Lebanon Tripoli


Lebanon mountain gorge

Lebanon cedar tree
Cedar tree, the national tree of Lebanon which is also on the flag

Lebanon church

Lebanon food

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