Lisbon weather (Portugal)

Weather Lisbon, Portugal (sunset)The weather here in Lisbon is really interesting. Because of a lot of wind (which you don’t feel on the ground) the weather changes quickly during the days. This means that the day usually start with sunshine, blue sky and around 16 degrees, but at any moment during the day heavy rain will probably start. Then the rain and sun switches place all along the day, sometimes every 5 minutes. Also the rain can be ice-rain instead, but not so commonly.

When I arrived here was biting cold winter, but now two weeks later the weather is great. What I have heard though is that December and January should be the coldest months here.

I was lucky enough to get perfect weather for New Years Ewe, celebrating it with some friends at the Praça do Comércio together with thousands of other people. The free concert was not so impressive but the opposite can be said about the firework show.

Here are some weather statistics for Lisbon:

Summer Winter
Degrees 22-28 C 14-19 C
Days of rain 2-8 11-15
Rainfall 5-40 mm 65-114 mm

One of the results of the wet weather here combined with badly isolated houses is that mold are very common in Portugal in the apartments. Some people try to make it better by reducing the moisture level with machines, but this just helps a little bit and most people just let it be. Long term exposure on high levels can result in mold allergy, which you will recognize by coughing, headaches, irritated eyes, problems breathing, tiredness and sneezing.

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