Manila, Philippines

To prolong my Thai visa with a month I had to go out of the country and then fly in again, because by land the visa extension is limited to 2 weeks. This was lucky because even though I always wanted to visit Philippines I didn’t have any plans to go there during this Asia trip.

But now I found a cheap return ticket (one way is not allowed anyway) and the next day I found myself being in Manila, the capital of Philippines.

Arriving at 4 am in the beginning of the week I was surprised to see that the city was still alive and moving. There are no public transport at this time besides taxi and the area I arrived to is a bit expensive, so I get a cheap taxi to another area which some helpful local recommended to me 5 minutes earlier.

The area I arrive to is the party area of Manila. Everywhere lady-boys and taxi-men are yelling after me, dark alleys with people hanging around and strip clubs (“Gentlemen clubs”). But people are really helpful and about half an hour later (around 5 am) I am checked into a hotel and laying in my bed, starting to realize that I am in the Philippines.

The next morning I force myself up at 9 am to get the complementary double breakfast. Double because I have a double room, although its pretty small. Next to me for breakfast sits one foreigner and his lady-boy. They are really friendly people and when the lady-boy leaves the guy tells me his wife is luckily coming firstly next week.

Back in my bed, which covers almost the whole room, I am thinking I can not wait to explore Manila. Just one more hour of sleep…

Philippines, Manila - street

Philippines, Manila - barrio

Philippines, Manila - homeless people
An enormous amount of homeless people in Manila

Philippines, Manila - apartment spider
Huge harmless apartment spider

Philippines, Manila - happy people

Philippines, Manila - jeepney bus
Local buses are called “Jeepneys” and cost about 20 cent USD

Philippines, Manila - chicken legs
Chicken legs

Philippines, Manila - one day chicken food
One day chicken and chicken balls

Philippines, Manila - dog for sale
Buy me

Philippines, Manila - chinatown street sellers

Philippines, Manila - Chinese water snake NYE
Chinese New Year (year of the Water Snake)

Philippines, Manila - la vida room
La Vida Room for 3 hour “naps”

Philippines, Manila - maintenance
Manila maintenance

Philippines, Manila - naked girls sells newspaper
We all know that naked girls sell magazines, and now also newspapers

Philippines, Manila - mountain
 Beautiful mountain Batulao (only 800 meters) with it’s 10 peaks

Philippines, Manila - trekking
Looking back half way

Philippines, Manila - mountain guide
Mountain guide who should have been in school instead

Philippines, Manila - mt Batulao camp
Mt Batulao camp “Don’t change the mountain, let the mountain change you”

Philippines, Manila - chicken fight planning
Chicken fight – trying to decide which chickens will fight each others depending on their size

Philippines, Manila - chicken fight planning
More chicken owners coming into the ring of smiling discussion

Philippines, Manila - chicken fight preparing
Preparing the chickens. The fight is until death.

Philippines, Manila - chicken fight starting

Philippines, Manila - chicken fight
The fight is going to start

Philippines, Manila - chicken fight end
And about 2 minutes later it’s over

Philippines, Manila - refreshing drink
Sweet drink

Philippines, Manila - night buses

Philippines, Manila - electrician

Philippines, Manila - penthouse

Philippines, Manila - people

Philippines, Manila - smiley

Philippines, Manila - street art

Philippines, Manila - Tagaytay
Tagaytay view over Taal Volcano Island

Philippines, Manila - taxi driver asleep
Taxi driver asleep

Philippines, Manila - traffic

Philippines, Manila - karaoke
Last night in Manila with new friends and karaoke

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