New adventures

I am off to new adventures! Ok I know I said only 4 months ago that I wanted to settle down in Bulgaria, not travelling as extended as before, but after a while the passion for travel won and I will head out again in the big world.

Sadly this means leaving my new amazing apartment here in Bulgaria, but it’s not the first amazing apartment I leave behind me. Of course I %R78qcu^Encowill also miss the friends here but I know I will be back soon (within a year?) so it’s ok. I know that if I start missing Bulgaria too much I will just go back, it’s not more difficult then that! But of course every time you come back to a place after a long time things changed.

Ok so where am I headed? I will initially move to Cyprus to visit a friend there who I havn’t seen for more then 2 years. Actually it’s a friend I met in my first destination of this travel, that is, in Italy. How long time I will stay the future will tell, and the same with the next step after Cyprus. I have some places of interest of where I don’t know anything about, which makes the attraction even bigger. Keep reading and you will find out which places those are.