What is normal? Things that seem strange or “not normal” for us one day can be part of our “normal” life in our future. What is seen as normal is based on our geographical location, culture, background and which people we surround ourselves with.

An everyday pattern takes up to 2 weeks to get into our system, to become automatic, or “normal”. For me nowadays, normality is taking a cold shower with geckos, then walking barefoot in swimming shorts to my work. Having electricity only between 2pm and 6am and no lock on the door.

Normality is what you make it. You can customize your normality, in big steps or in small, to make it perfect for you. At least what is perfect at this moment, because that will change with time. For me personally I like to switch out normality a few times per year. For most people changes like this happen by itself, but you can also accelerate how often it happens, and steer its direction.

A lot of people worry about doing things that seems not normal because of what other people will think about them. But the same things can be what makes you unique, and these things are anyway already normality for at least some other people on this big planet. So do exactly what you feel like, as long as it does not hurt anybody else!

Every time you change your normality you grow.

Normality - what is "Normal"?

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