Pictures from Lisbon, Portugal (part 2 of 2)

Lisbon building sign, Portugal

Lisbon boat race, Portugal
Lisbon boat race (radio controlled boats)

Lisbon police department meeting, Portugal
Lisbon police department meeting

Lisbon tram in midnight, Portugal
Typical tram on leaning narrow road at midnight

Lisbon hills (Belem), Portugal

Statue king Jose Lisbon, Portugal
Statue king Jose

Lonely sock in Lisbon, Portugal
Lonely sock

Honey bee collecting pollen from flower, Lisbon (Portugal)

Pra├ža do Comercio

Machado de Castro elephant statue, Lisbon (Portugal)
Statue made by Joaquim Machado de Castro

Learning portuguese, Lisbon (Portugal)
Learning portuguese

Lisbon jewelry bike (unicycle), Portugal

Tagus river, first sunset 2011 in Lisbon (Portugal)
Tagus river, first sunset 2011

Cova do Vapor

Cova do vapor, Portugal

Cova do Vapor - beach at sunset, Portugal

Cabo da Roca (Portugal’s most western point)

Cabo da Roca, Portugal

Most western point of Portugal, Cabo da Roca (near Sintra)


Magical Sintra forest, Portugal
Magical Sintra forest

Parrots as pets at a hotel in Sintra, Portugal


Porto art, Portugal

Douro river in Porto, Portugal
Douro river

Porto tram (vertical), Portugal
Porto tram

Washing clothes by hand, Porto (Portugal)

Outdoor laundry drying line, Porto (Portugal)

Porto road, Portugal

Porto bridge, Portugal


Hand washing technique poster, Guarda (Portugal)
Hand washing technique poster


Sesimbra rock climbing, Portugal
Rock climbing next to the ocean in beautiful Sesimbra

Sesimbra, Portugal


Rock climbing in Portugal - Cascais
Rock climbing in Cascais, again next to the ocean

Cascais climbing Portugal (repelling)
Repelling down to the climbing walls

5 thoughts on “Pictures from Lisbon, Portugal (part 2 of 2)

  1. Hi, really like your pcitures. out of curiosity, where did you go climbing in sessimbra? did you like it? any recommendations?

    thanks, camila

  2. Hi Camila! I don’t know the name of the place in Sesimbra, but maybe this web site will help you:

    Anyway I really enjoyed & recommend it, both for the climbing routes itself and for it’s beautiful surrounding and views! If you go there, tell me what you think!

  3. Hi!
    I found this page in google looking for information about climbing in Cascais. This summer I will spend a week in Lisbon, and I would like to spend one day climbing in Cascais. Do you know any guy\group\website or whatever I could use to get information?

    Thanks in advance and congratulations for the pictures!

    (hope you can see my email, otherwise just answer this comment and I’ll read it…)

  4. Hello Pasquale!

    I have forwarded your contacts to a climber in Lisbon who often go climbing in Cascais. Hopefully he will contact you – have fun!

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