Price examples from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Here is my normal post about living costs, this time about Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The supermarket used this time was HiperDino but there are other cheap alternatives in Gran Canaria like Carrefour & Spar.

1,5 liter water bottle 40 cent
1,5 liter juice 86 cent
1 liter milk 1,12 euro
1 liter local beer 76 cent
1 liter of wine 80 cent
1 liter rice 75 cent
0,5 kg pasta 62 cent
6 eggs 1,10 euro
Can of sardines or tunas 60-80 cent
1 fresh big bread 40-50 cent
1 kg bananas (platanos) 1,80 euro
1 kg tomatoes 1,15 euro
1 kg apples 1,65 euro
1 kg orange 1,15 euro
5 kg potatoes 4,50 euro
washing powder 2-3 euro
Espresso (café solo) 0,80 – 1,80 euro
Draft beer (33 cl) 0,80 – 1,30 euro in the cheap places
Lunch/dinner 6,50 for a 3 dinner course including drink, 4 euro for a kebab, 2,50 euro for a hamburger
Orange juice 2 euro
Local bus 1,20 euro per trip or 6,50 euro for 10 trips. Card can not be used when changing bus.
Bus within the island 1 – 10 euro, buses leaving every hour to once every day, and sometimes no direct bus
Bus airport to Las Palmas 2,85 euro
Furnished apartment 500 euro/month + electricity & water (Las Canteras, beach/surf area)
Room in shared apartment 200-300 euro/month including electricity & water & internet(Las Canteras, beach/surf area)
Mobile internet 25-40 euro/month, depending on how long contract you want
WIFI Open WIFI networks can be found on the street on some places, like on Las Canteras (beach area). In cafés and restaurants it is common with free WIFI. There are also a number of internet cafés with computers that you can rent.

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