Price examples from Tarifa, Spain

I have now been in Tarifa for a while and can report about the prices here. Keep in mind that it’s low season now, so if you travel here in high season (European summer) expect higher prices.

150 cl water bottle 50 cent
500 cl water bottle 60 cent
12 eggs 1 euro
1 fresh bread 1,50 euro
1 liter juice 50 cent
1 liter milk 70 cent
4 liter local beer 6 euro
1 kg bananas 1 euro
1 kg potatos 1 euro
1 kg kiwi 1,40 euro
washing powder 3 euro
Coffee 1,20 – 1,60 euro
Draft beer (33 cl) 1 euro
Tapa 80 cent – 1,20 euro
Fast food 2 – 9 euro
3 dinner course 6-9 euro (“dish of the day”)
Furnished apartment 450 euro/month in rent
+ electricity & water
Mobile internet (Vodafone) 50 euro/month including USB-modem & card (1 GB fast, then slower speed)
WIFI Open WIFI networks on the street is difficult to find. There are a lot of cafés and restaurants with WIFI though. There is also one internet café with computers that you can rent.
Cinema 1 euro

Simpsons grocery store (Tarifa, Spain)

One thought on “Price examples from Tarifa, Spain

  1. Hey Rogier,

    I will send your mail to some apartment contacts I have in Tarifa. Maybe you can find something on also or through Google, but it will definitely be overpriced. My best tip for apartments there is to Couchsurf or stay at a hostel the first days, or even tent if the weather allows it. Then just walk the streets and ask in restaurants, cafes, everywhere. The town is small and you will find something cheap and central this way very fast, specially during low season like now. If you don’t speak Spanish just Google translate a short sentence and show the people.

    Good luck and enjoy Tarifa!

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