Ratchaburi, Thailand

Ratchaburi is a really nice and [farang] untouristic city which is reachable both by road and train, and even though it was more than 2 months ago that I visited there I want to share these pictures.

Ratchaburi baby elephant
Baby elephant in a market

Ratchaburi buying fishes
Buying fish, first having to “catch” them

Ratchaburi festival concert
Last day of a several day concert, with a small crowd

Ratchaburi food
Nice Thai rice food

Ratchaburi nature source of inspiration
Interior design of a guesthouse/hotel (no idea which because the sign was only in Thai, and what is the difference anyway?)

Ratchaburi river walk
Riverside walk with massage, food markets and people just hanging out

Ratchaburi snake man
Snake show

Ratchaburi street art
Street art at the riverside

Ratchaburi train station
Ratchaburi has a really charming train station

Ratchaburi train warning signs
Warning signs everywhere what you are not allowed to do in the train, for example throwing bombs.

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