Reconstruction of Sofia Women’s Market (Zhenski Pazar)

One of the most famous spots in Sofia (Bulgaria), the Zhenski Pazar (Women’s market), is currently undergoing a reconstruction. This charming market if mostly focused on food like fresh vegetables and fruit, homemade honey and wine, but you can also find clothes, plumbing equipment and other random things. Even though the market is in the center of Sofia, walking around the market area gives you a feeling of exiting the city and being somewhere totally different.

Now this market will undergo a total redesign, with the first step being to reduce the number of market stalls in one area from 114 to 65, giving more space to open areas. There is also a plan for creating an amphitheater later on.

Here are a few pictures from the market taken during the past years:

Womens Market

Womens Market Sofia

Zhenski Pazar

Zhenski Pazar market

The Zhenski Pazar is even open in the winter:

Zhenski Pazar in the winter

Zhenski Pazar in the winter

The demolition of the market has already began:

Zhenski Pazar reconstruction

Zhenski Pazar demolition

On THIS LINK can you see the planned design for this enormous Bulgarian project, which is estimated to cost around 3 million Euro and be financed together with a private partner.

It is really sad to see this old market go, giving way to a new modern Sofia.

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