Ruin pubs, Budapest

Budapest is said to have some of the best pubs in the world, and a trend here in Budapest is the ruin pubs that are getting more and more common. A ruin pub is a pub with very simple interior that is opened in an abandoned factory, garage or building. These ruin pubs are usually outdoor which means that most of the pubs are only open in the summer. The style and feeling of the places, as well as the people it attracts, reminds me of the illegal parties in Berlin or the squats in Milan, with the biggest difference being that the ruin pubs in Budapest are usually legal. Somehow these legal Budapest pubs still have the tendancy to close after a short time and popup in a new location again after a while.

Three of the more famous ruin pubs in Budapest are 400, Ellátó Garden and Mika Tivadar Bar which together makes up the “Bermuda Triangle”, all placed in the center at Budapest 7th district.

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