Scuba diving in Gran Canaria

Last weekend I finally got to scuba dive here in Las Palmas, just a week before I am going to leave Spain (booked a flight  some days ago). The dive I did was a wreck dive on 30 meters deep with a visibility of about 5-10 meters, which is not so good as the normal conditions here. Anyway, this was my first wreck dive so I was very satisfied with the dive, but also happy to come back to the surface because of a water temperature of only about 18 degrees Celsius.

The dive site I went to is called Frigorífico (“The Fridge”) and is a new dive site in Las Palmas, just 10 minutes out from the harbor with a boat (towards La Isleta). The name comes from that the people who dived it in the beginning thought it was a fridge boat, but later realized it’s a fishing boat from Soviet. The sea life around the ship was not anything to talk about but the ship itself is very interesting and with several possible places to dive into the ship. Also the superstructure is beautiful and well preserved.

Some of the most visited dive sites available here are:
Baja Fernando, Caleta Baja, El Cabrón, La Catedral, Pecio Angela Pando, Pecio Arona, Pecio Kalais, Playa Chica, Playa Grande and Sardina del Norte

With La Catedral being supposed to be the best one, where you scuba dive in a beautiful volcanic environment.

Price for scuba diving here on Gran Canaria is about 30 euro for one dive + 15 euro to rent full equipment (only at a few diving centers the locals get a cheaper price). On top of this the diving centers here insist that you have a scuba diving insurance, which will set you back another 12 euro for a one day insurance if you don’t have it already. You can also pay a bit more to get insurance covering a whole year.

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