Small things in life

Happiness is … finally moving into a new apartment with a normal shower and bed

Happiness is not … finding an ant trail straight across your new bed

Happiness is … waking up at 5 o’clock just in time to go to the ocean and see the sunrise over Saudi Arabia

Happiness is not … waking up at 1 o’clock to the sound of a mosquito

Happiness is … relaxing in a park with a cold beer in your hand

Happiness is not  realizing you forgot the beer

Happiness is … sitting under the stars in Egypt with good friends watching the lunar eclipse

Happiness is not sitting under the sun without any shadow in sight

Happiness is … practicing your new language at the local coffee place and getting understood

Happiness is not … practicing your new language and getting the answer back in English

Happiness is … meeting random incredible people while hitch hiking

Happiness is not  getting dumped in the middle of nowhere by the police just because you were hitch hiking on the highway

Happiness is … having everything you own in your backpack and being able to change place at any moment

Happiness is not  washing all your clothes at the same time and realizing that all your white clothes are now pink

Happiness is … meeting a new friend and to create a long lasting relationship

Happiness is not leaving a friend and knowing that it will take years before you meet again

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