South Africa & Mozambique

Yesterday I arrived in Maputo (Mozambique), after a weekend in Johannesburg (South Africa). Johannesburg was huge and I was lucky to get to know some new friends with cars. In other case it would have been very difficult to get around in this 10 million people city. As the locals say there is not so much things to do or see in JB, besides partying which I of course managed to have on the agenda. Also I did a visit to the apartheid museum plus it’s temporary exhibition of Nelson Mandela.

After 9 hours on the bus and a somewhat confusing border control I am now in Maputo. This city seems much more easy to get around in, both with walking (6 hours today) and local transportation. You have the local mini busses, shapas, which have fixed but somewhat unknown routes, that stop anywhere you want on the route for you. On top of this there is normal taxi which is quite cheap, and the motorized rickshaws (chopelas) which is like a taxi but about one third of the price, and reminds of the bicycle taxis you can find in Thailand and a lot of other places In Asia.

The food here seems great, with a lot of influence from Europe but also with it’s own dishes. Focus is on sea food which, luckily, is my favorite.

Chapa (minibus) in Maputo, Mozambique

More updates coming soon!

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