St Nicholas Day

Here in Bulgaria the 6’th of December is Saint Nicholas Day (locally known as Nikulden) and also the name day of Nikola, Nikolay, Kolyo, Nikolina, Neno, Nenka, Nikolina and Nina.

In Bulgaria name days are commonly celebrated even more then birthdays, but even people without name day celebrate Saint Nicholas on this day, who is a protector of sailors and fishermen. On Nikulden the last fish for the season is caught, and to celebrate the day the dinner should include carp.

St Nicholas day is celebrated in many countries within Europe, North America and Eastern Mediterranean. How the day is celebrated differs from country to country, but it is common with legends that Saint Nikolas was a bringer of gifts and therefore a festival for children is held with presents of candy.

Both the American Santa Claus and the Anglo-Canadian & British Father Christmas comes from these legends.

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