Table Mountain

One of the most famous landmarks in Cape Town is Table Mountain. This mountain is located within walking distance from the center and can be seen everywhere in the city. The mountain peak is at 1084 meters over the ocean but the trekking trails start on a rather high altitude. The trek takes about 1-2 hours for the easy path and about 3½ hour for the more advanced path which starts a bit further away from the center. For the more lazy visitors there is also a cable car going up the mountain in 5 minutes while rotating, price about 9 euro each way.

As you can guess by the name of the mountain there is a big 3 kilometer plateau on top of the mountain. When arriving at the top with the cable car or the trail you can walk about 45 minutes to the east to get to the peak, where there is usually no other people as most of them hang around the cable car station, which even has a restaurant and accepts VISA-card.

Also on the top you can find a lot of trekking trails, both shorter and longer. Although you can find simple maps on most of the crossings on the trail it is recommended you buy a more detailed map if you plan to do advanced trekking. Be aware of the fast changing weather and be prepared with a good backpack and a lot of water!

If you are interested in plants or just like beautiful schenery this is a given destination if you are in Cape Town. Besides the really nice views of the town, beaches, mountains, ocean and Robben Island there is also an estimated 2 200 species of plants growing on Table Mountain.

Cloudy mountain gorge

Heavy fog from Table Mountain top

Cape Town beach seen from Table Mountain

Brown dry flower zoomed in

Unknown beautiful macro flower in swamp

Dead beautiful flower ball

Interesting rock shapes on Table Mountain

Misty field on mountain top

Pouring water from mountain top

Purple trumpet ball flower

Red green flower town background

Red yellow mountain flower macro

Robben Island Cape Town

Rock with town view

Sandstone rocks Cape Town Table Mountain

Running water from mountain top spring

Table Mountain peak Maclears Beacon 1086 meters

Tree reflections in mountain lake

Water basins on mountain rock

White bells flower on mountain

White flower grass

White yellow dry flower on mountain top

Water dam Cape Town

View over Lions Head Cape Town

Yellow brown flower bouquet mountain

Yellow flower living on mountain rock

Yellow flowers with mountain view

Yellow green flower on mountain

Rain water from mountain top

4 tree shadows

Lizard looking out from mountain top

Dramatic mountain clouds South Africa

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