Tarifa > Seville > Faro > Lisbon

For Christmas and New Years Ewe I wanted to change environment to a place with more people and movement comparing with calm Tarifa.

I got a suggestion about Lisbon and started to make my way to Portugal. The trip from Tarifa to Lisbon (if not flying) are always going through Seville, where I stayed two days to explore.

On top of this the bus from Seville to Lisbon passes Faro in Algarve, so I stayed also there for two days. Both cities were really nice and different and I enjoyed my stay. Here below are the information and prices on how to do this travel:

Tarifa to Seville
Bus with the company Movelia (Transportes Generales Comes), takes 3-3½ hours and costs 17 euro. Around 4 buses per day.

Seville to Faro
Bus with the company Movelia (Alsa/Damas), takes 2-3½ hours and costs 16 euro. Around 3 buses per day.

Faro to Lisbon
Bus with the company EVA Transportes or Rede expressos, takes 3-4 hours and costs about 19 euro. Around 20 buses per day.

Tarifa to Seville to Faro to Lisbon (Spain to Portugal)

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