Pictures of Tarifa, Spain

Here below are some pictures from my first month in Tarifa, Spain. Tarifa is famous mostly for the kitesurfing and along the main street there are almost only shops with kitesurfing equipment and lessons.

But Tarifa also has a very beautiful nature around the city, perfect for trekking. Here you can find a lot of interesting plants, animals, incredible scenery, unusual rock formations and a view of Africa with it’s beautiful mountains and city lights.

The town is also a meeting point of theĀ Mediterranean andĀ Atlantic Ocean.

When you get tired of Tarifa it’s easy and fast to go to Morocco, only 35 minutes with the ferry (cost about 30 euro) and you are there!

Old ruin Tarifa

Kite surfing Tarifa

Ferry from Tarifa, Spain to Tangier, Morocco

Moon over palms in Tarifa

Gym training in Tarifa

Creating hamper baskets in Tarifa

Reef in Tarifa, morning

Funny dog high up

Dog in window, Tarifa

Fish market in Tarifa, Spain

Jesus statue in Tarifa, with view of Morocco (Africa)

Graffiti of a man shitting in the grass, Tarifa

Emergency exit to the beach in Tarifa

Paddlers paddling windsurfing boards in Tarifa

Military ruin in Tarifa, with windsurfing board & paddler

Neck of mountain plate going into the sea, Tarifa

Old castle on top of forest, Tarifa

Seeds in sand dunes, Tarifa (macro low shot)

Sand dunes with borders, Tarifa

Cows in Tarifa landscape

Bull in Tarifa

Sandstone rock (Arenite) in Tarifa

House plants on mini balcony, Tarifa

Seascape, landscape, Tarifa

Windsurfing in storm, Tarifa

Storm seascape, Tarifa

Wind on wave top, Tarifa

Bird on king statue head, Tarifa

St Mary church, Tarifa

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