The last weeks in a country

Yesterday I had to clean the apartment because the owner was going to show it to someone who wanted to rent it after me. I never like to think about leaving an apartment because I always get really fond of them and have a lot of memories connected to the apartments. The last time it was easier because we were two persons who left the apartment/country at the same time, so we supported each other and tried not to think about it too much. At the same time, we were living there for a longer period in time and also had a lot of common memories and shared experiences.

I always get mood swings the last weeks before moving to a new country. These goes from being depressed about leaving my new friends, going to my favorite places for the last time, wondering if I should stay instead of continue to move and so on. But at the same time I am excited about escaping my daily habits and soon having new surroundings to get to know, while at the same time meeting new people and learning about their culture.

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